Dmitry Zuev | Software Engineer @ Stripe

Day 1: When Everything Went Wrong

Intro Day 1: When Everything Went Wrong Day 2: First Climbs and 10 Hours in Saddle Day 3: Change of Plans Day 4: Going Around Col du Tourmalet and Bonked by Finish Climb Day 5: Cruising Through Day 6: Trains and Royal Descent Day 7: Finish at Mediterranean Sea During day zero we were staying near our final destination in few kilometres from the Mediterranean Sea. Today we planned to reach Biarritz by trains with two transfers: the first at Narbonne, then Bordeaux, and finally Bayonne, a city next to Biarritz and Atlantic ocean.

Is it possible to pass arguments to Ruby Modules?

There is a hidden (or not obvious) power inside Ruby Modules, and I’ll try to show you some magic. Did you know, that you can pass arguments while doing include MyModule, and even include same module several times with different parameters? Some gems I know (dry-monads for example) uses following technique: 1 include MyModule[:some, :args] Other gems (like concord or procto) doing it another way: 1 include, :args) Both of this parameterized module inclusion patterns has its pros and cons.

Tour des Pyrenees 2019

On October, 22nd me and my friend Jack has something interesting to do. Early in the morning we pack our bike bags and go to Perpignan train station. And our journey begins! Plan is to ride from Atlantic ocean all the way to Mediterranean Sea, passing amazing Pyrenees landscapes and mountain peaks. Let me give you some tour details: Over 800 km total 100+ km daily 14880 meters ascent 2–3 kilometers ascent daily I hope we’ll survive 🚴🏼!

Rambler&Co First Hackathon

There was my first hackathon this weekend at Rambler&Co. Main subject was “Improve office life and development process”. The most challenging thing is to come up with impressive and suitable idea, which will give employees comfort. List of projects as I remember them: Easy printing on different printers via telegram bot or web application Courses and educational events portal Collaborative food ordering Meeting room booking via telegram bot with Natural Language Processing Employees skills rating system with gamification Office navigation (yes, we have two buildings with 3 and 4 floors in them, and sometimes it’s hard to route from one point to another) App for event organization which helps you gather contacts from company’s internal portal, add them to group and discuss event (party, trip, work, etc).

How to integrate TestRail with RSpec

Hey, folks! Recently I came across some Test Case Management system, which called TestRail, and it somehow not based on Rails. Our QA staff uses this tool to write down all their test cases, etc. But what about RSpec and other beautiful ruby tools? Well, we have specs with good coverage on our project, and I thought, why not integrate our tests with TestRail? Let’s automate this! Context is easy: every time RSpec is running on CI, it updates (or creates new) TestRail Run called by git branch.

How to convert human readable number to float in Ruby

During my 30 days of code challenge I’m working now on fun project which convert amount of money from user input to amount of subways, which you may build in Omsk. For example: some politician had bought the watches for 12 billion roubles. Cost of Omsk Subway project is about 24 billion roubles. So, instead of buying such expensive stuff our subject could build half of Omsk Subway. It is to easy to restrict user input by integers only.